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Winter face mask – Thermo Cyan (BT.C)

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Model: Thermo Cyan (BT.C)
Composition: 100% polyester
Weight: 225 gram
Size: Universal


Thermoactive balaclava from Humboo.
Special flat seam inside, seamless at the front.
Sublimation colour printing - high durability.

Best to use for:
- balaclava for skiing
- balaclava for snowboard
- motorbike balaclava
- trekking balaclava
product available

Thermo colours:

“Thermo” a Balaclava for cold winter days

Winter balaclava Thermo is a perfect solution for professional athletes as well as amateurs. You can choose between a few  intense colours. Ideally suited as a ski balaclava, snowboard balaclava or motorcycle balaclava.  Two thermal layers prevent the body from overheating on warmer days and in the winter it will maintain the right temperature. You can also wash it without problems, it will not lose its properties.  So if you’re looking for a perfect balaclava, you’ve come to the right place. With us, you’ll find the most unique designs in the entire network.

winter face mask balaclava thermoactive grey humboo

Balaclava “Thermo” Characteristic

  • Termoactive balaclavas are made of the combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibres that provide the thermal body comfort. During the warmer days, balaclava lets effectively evaporate the moisture from the skin. When days are colder, it prevents from declining body heat and cooling. Due to the special outer layer, the active surface was boosted. It makes the process of dehumidifying even more quicker. Furthermore, the fabric does not get wet and stick to the skin. Special thermal layer increases thermal comfort while cold winter days.
  • To make our balaclavas more comfortable, we use special flat seams which are used in high-quality sports clothing. Such seams do not irritate the skin, make scrapes or reddening.
  • Our unique graphics are transferred into fabric by one of the toughest printing method – sublimation. This technique allows printing in very intensive hues, almost in photographic quality. Simultaneously, one cannot sense by touching the graphics on the textile, which does not react with its thermoactive features. You will see how many people’s will look at you when you wear our skull balaclava or balaclava mask.
  • Thermoactive balaclavas have one universal size. They fit perfectly for man and women and kids above 13 years old. We create a special model for the youngest ones, you can check it here –> KIDS Balaclava
  • Face mask  balaclava Thermo can be washed according to the instructions on the inner label, without worrying about the loss of the quality of the print.


Not only for skiing!

The winter face mask balaclava Thermo is used in many areas of life.
It can be used by skiers, snowboarders and also enthusiasts of winter mountain trekking,
uniformed services, construction workers or in general outdoors on cold days.



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