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Humboo: Karting and Winter Passions

Welcome to the world of Humboo – a leading brand specializing in the production of balaclavas and lightweight gloves for the go-kart rental industry, as well as winter clothing and accessories for winter sports and outdoor activities. Our reach extends to 29 countries in Europe and around the world, delivering high-quality products and services to over 450 karting tracks and 200 ski resorts, with customization options available on demand.


Humboo for the Karting Industry: Speed, Ease, and Assurance

As an industry leader, Humboo offers smooth and efficient deliveries of balaclavas tailored specifically to the needs of karting tracks. Our brand is known for providing the fastest, most seamless, and easiest solutions in the industry. With a team of experts, we not only deliver products but also offer a wide range of professional advice, helping track owners maximize profits, improve hygiene standards, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize advertising strategies.



The history of our company dates back to 2014 when Rafał Ołtuszyk founded a small family business, producing balaclavas for his own karting track. It all began with challenges in ordering from international suppliers, leading us to start distribution in Poland under the brand Balaclava4u. After success in the domestic market, we expanded our offering to foreign markets, achieving success in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Lithuania, and later becoming a leading supplier for karting tracks in many Western European countries.


Winter Trends for Your Business

In 2018, the HUMBOO brand was born with a passion for prints and colors. Winter sports enthusiasts in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia appreciate our SNOW & SNOW KIDS balaclavas and insulated, colorful multifunctional neck warmers – found on ski slopes and in sports stores. Our offering includes not only balaclavas but also polyester bags with prints, which have become a novelty in the Polish market.


Growth and Innovations

From 2019 to 2021, the company dynamically expanded, increasing sales and adjusting production to growing needs. We introduced innovative solutions, such as alternative individual packaging for balaclavas and improvements in print quality. Since 2022, all products are distributed under the Humboo brand, and in 2023, we introduced a new innovative product – lightweight knitted gloves, gaining significant interest from karting tracks.

Currently, Humboo comprises two production plants, a warehouse, a printing house, an office, and 50 employees across 7 departments. We are ready to provide you not only with high-quality products but also with innovative solutions and professional service. Join the Humboo family and discover why we are a leader in the industry!


Customers about us

  • Mantas Krivickas

    Service in the store is very nice. Several times I called with questions about products - always a competent and nice person, answered all my questions. The shipment of goods took place as soon as I deposited the money. Goods as described. Courier shipment also without complaint. The packages arrived without any damage.

  • Kamil Białobrzeski

    A professional company, orders are carried out at an express pace. This is the high quality service and high quality product at an attractive price. The Graphics Department is patient and open to suggestions. HUMBOO is a very good business partner. We have fewer problems thanks to them. I recommend Humboo to everyone.

  • Tamina Širola

    I love every one of your products and the box is just perfect!

  • Maciej Kornas
    Gokart Track Redzikowo

    High quality, low prices, fast production speed and express shipping time, that are things that are in vain to find in other companies. Here it is the company's 4 pillars and its hallmark. I have some suspicions that they have a plant somewhere behind the fence, because I still can not believe that you can produce a large order so quickly and deliver it the next day :)

  • Dariusz Krupa

    Unbelievable availability and excellent time to implement personalized projects. For a moment, we thought that our balaclavas was on stock, but it was the merit of the organization of work. It is fantastic to have such a business partner. A company worth recommending.

    Excellent product quality and competitive price make us return once again with the order. Very nice and helpful staff give pleasure in cooperation. Keep it up - you're the BEST! :)

  • Wioleta Krupa
    Carrera Cars Team, Poland

    We regularly order large quantities of balaclavas, so far our cooperation has been very successful. Balaclavas and very good quality printing, express delivery time and nice contact. I recommend.

  • Michael Bělák
    Zábavní centrum Horník, Czech Republic

    Cooperation with you was great - good communication, answering all the questions, replying quickly... As for the product - balaclavas with a print - process was extra easy and product is perfect - quality of the material, print, colors. We only sent a logo, the idea and prefered material, you did the rest. Shipment arrived within 1 week since the invoice has been paid (to Czech Republic). We already did several deals together and are looking forward to another coop.

  • Jan Chodojewsk
    Multi-branch Store „Ski Heaven”, Poland

    We order large amount of balaclavas, etc. our cooperation, so far goes very well. Balaclavas as well as printing are very good quality, low delivery time and nice contact. I recommend.

  • PK Media
    Advertising Agency, Poland

    Each Advertising Agency should have a proven bag supplier. We've just found our own. We've worked on several orders. The bags were carefully made every time, the prints had clean and vivid colors. Customers were very satisfied.

  • Szymon Suchorski

    Thank you for considering my case. Having received a standard sample of the balaclavas the model does indeed agree. However, I believe that the balaclavas I received earlier are different. I asked 5 people if they could see differences between the balaclavas, they all said they were different citing the same aspects as me.

    However, I take into account the most important fact, which is that my customers like them very much, that they give positive feedback and that I am impressed with Humboo's customer approach. I therefore consider the matter closed.

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