FlexyPrime 220 – Black (Cotton Balaclava) - Humboo

Model: FlexyPrime 220 (Black)
Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
Weight: 220 gram
Size: universal
Balaclava Size: 36cm x 21cm ±5%
Packaging type: collective / 50 pcs poly-bags

High-quality cotton balaclava, without front seam.
Producer: Humboo
Very popular model on karting tracks.

Available also with your customized logo. Send us your logo and get a free visualization file.

Best to use for:
✔ karting balaclava
✔ motorbike balaclava
✔ balaclava for outdoor works
and many others...
product available

balaclava4u humboo

Available colours:

balaclava4u humboo

Packing Options:

1. Plastic Bag (50pcs in one bag)
2. Hi-Gen Flowpack (40pcs in one box)

Cotton Balaclava “Medium”

The best quality cotton balaclava available in our store.
This model is very popular in karting, construction and automotive industry.

Balaclava Medium is made of 95% of high quality combed cotton.
Thanks to such a high content of natural fibers it absorbs sweat very well.
The remaining 5% is elastane, which is responsible for increasing the stretch of material.
Thanks to this it fits on every head of both adults and children.

Balaclava prevent filtering the sweat into the helmet lining,
increasing the hygiene and the time of using the helmet.
Used cut doesn’t have the seam on the front side witch improves the wearing comfort.
Balaclava are on size that suits the adults and children as well.

Best to use for:

balaclava4u humboo balaclavas use

balaclava4u humboo

Balaclava with your logo:

screen print ikon balaclava4u
Balaclavas with your logo will be a perfect form of promotion for your karting track or company.
We’ve tested it on hundreds of karting tracks of our clinets around the world – thay are one of cheapest
and more effective ways of advertisement. Customers owned balaclava with your logo
can appear with it in other places and advertise your business.
It will also improve your company’s image and your clients will feel your professionality.
Write to us and we will make you a free visualization of your logo on the balaclavas!

Maximal size overprint: 12 cm x 8 cm



Other clients chose:

balaclava4u humboo

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