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  1. Before placing an order
    1. Can a natural person (private customer) place an order?

      We do not serve individual customers. We accept orders only from business clients.

    2. Do we serve orders from other countries?

      We serve wholesale customers from within European Union and beyond its boundaries. If you are from beyond EU do not hesitate to contact us and learn about our conditions of cooperation with non-EU clients.

    3. How to get a price list of products?

      Contact us to discover our attractive discount price system for wholesalers. Don't forget to send us your invoice address and VAT Nr as well as your estimated amounts of requested items.

    4. Is it possible to order samples?

      We send samples of products individually after receiving your request including your company's invoice data of the asking company and estimated amounts of requested items.

    5. What determines the price of the product?

      The price depends on their quantity. Contact us to discover our attractive discount price system for wholesalers. Don't forget to send us your invoice address and VAT Nr as well as your estimated amounts of requested items.

    6. What is the minimum order quantity?

      We do not use minimum order thresholds. If you are business client, you can place an order even for one piece.

    7. How long does the order take?

      Delivery time is:
      2-5 business days for standard goods,
      2-7 business days for goods with individual print,
      10-14 business days for goods created under individual order.

  2. Printing
    1. What is a sublimation print?

      It is an overprint that penetrates into the material structure, becoming its integral part. The overprint permits obtaining a photographic quality of the print on the material. Overprints with this method can only be made on polyester materials.

    2. What is screen printing?

      Screenprint printing is a printing technique in which the paint is applied directly to the material by means of special sieves. It is the most popular textile printing method known for its durability.

    3. How durable are prints?

      Overprints are very durable. As long as they are washed according to the instructions on the label, their lifetime is estimated to be 20-30 washes.

    4. How should products be washed so as not to damage them?

      All recommendations regarding the washing and care of individual products can be found on their label attached to the product.

    5. In which format to provide files to fulfill the order?

      Ideally, if the files are for an individual order, they were be sent in the form of vector files (.cdr, .eps, .pdf). In the case of raster graphics (f.e. jpg), the minimum file size is 300 dpi. In case of further questions or technical problems do not hesitate to contact us.

    6. Can I see pictures of the product with overprint before starting the serial production?

      By default, we do not do such photos, but at the express request of the customer we are able to take such photos.

      Before we start the production you will receive proof file with your project of customized overprint. At that stage it's possible to modify your project.

      After receiving your accept of the proof file and payment your project will be put in production line. At that stage it's not possible to modify your project.

    7. Can there be different overprint designs for the total order?

      Of course, there is not the slightest problem, however, it should be borne in mind that this may involve additional costs that we will certainly present during the preparation of the valuation. You will receive the final price calculation of your order after we set all the details of your project. Do not hesitate to contact us - we will help you to realize your vision and choose most beneficial solutions.

  3. Submitting order
    1. How to place an order?

      There are 3 ways of placing an order:

      - by adding your selected products to cart and sending us your shopping wishlist,

      - by contacting us directly by e-mail or phone,

      - by logging into our B2B platform (contact us to get full access to your individual business client account).

      In each of these cases you will receive a return message from us with full price calculation and payment method.

    2. How do you choose the right size of the product?

      Most of our products are in universal size. In exceptions to this rule, we place detailed information in product description to help you in choose.

    3. How can I check the status of my order?

      Order statuses and tracking numbers are sent automatically to your e-mail address.

    4. Can I cancel the order?

      Before you pay for the order, you can opt out of it without incurring any consequences.

      After paying for the order, you can also opt out, but it may be necessary to cover the costs incurred, eg the cost of making a return transfer.

      It is not possible to cancel the product with individual print, after the product is already done.

      Always if you have intention of resigning order, you must inform us immediately.

    5. Can I return the ordered goods?

      Ordered goods can be returned up to 14 days after receipt. This applies only to standard goods, without individual printing.

  4. Payment
    1. What are acceptable payment methods?

      Polish clients - supported forms of payment are bank transfer and courier pickup.
      Customers from other countries - the only supported form of payment is a bank transfer.

    2. Can the order be paid for by payment card ?

      The only way to pay for the order by using payment card is to use the TransferGo portal, which we recomendet, but it is not our official partner.

    3. When do you need to make a payment?

      The prepayment is obligatory form of payment - it means order should be paid before implementation.

  5. Shipping and delivery
    1. How long does the delivery take?

      We deliver shipments within max. 5 days from the date of payment.

    2. Through which companies are shipments sent?

      All packages are sent using DPD courier.

    3. Undelivered shipment

      In the case of an unsuccessful delivery attempt, the courier will attempt to deliver again the next day.
      In the event of repeated problems with the delivery of the package, please contact us.

    4. Returns and guarantees

      We provide a producer guarantee for each product sold. All comments and complaints must be submitted in writing up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

    5. Ways of making returns?

      Up to 14 days from the date of delivery, you can return them in the event of dissatisfaction with quality. ATTENTION: This applies only to standard goods. It is not possible to return goods made to individual order.

    6. When is the amount refunded for the order?

      The funds for the complaint order will be returned to the customer's bank account within 14 days from the positive consideration of the case.

    7. Privacy policy and cookie

      Privacy regulations and cookie rules, can be found in the Regulations tab, displayed at the bottom of the website.

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