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Top balaclava models are seamless now!

Our Enhanced Cotton Balaclavas:
Comfort Without Compromise!

In response to your needs and feedback, we have significantly improved our cotton balaclavas line to provide even better experiences during your rides.

What has changed? Seamless design for all models!

Until now, only the highest model FlexyPrime 220 lacked a front seam.

From now on, following your suggestions, all three models - EaseFit 160, OptiBalance 200 and FlexyPrime 220 - have been equipped with a smooth, seamless design. This ensures maximum comfort for users.


Why Choose Our Balaclavas?

We're flexible for you

  • Each colour of balaclava available from 50 pcs
  • Your logo print on balaclava available even from 1 pc!

Buy safely and directly from the producer

  • Own production, quality control and EU-located stock
  • Producer's warranty
  • We meet European standards, including the REACH regulation - all components (materials, inks) have appropriate certificates.

Choose the reliable, recommended supplier

  • Regular supply of balaclavas to 400+ karting tracks i 20+ countries
  • 12 year of presence in the kart-rental industry
  • Ask us about a customer in your area. We'll provide you with their details so you can inquire about their experience firsthand.



Contact Us!

If you have any questions or would like to get more information about our enhanced cotton balaclavas, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We’re here, to assist you!

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