Thermoactive Balaclava "Wide" for kids - Karting Girl (KTK.03) - Humboo Headwear EU

Thermoactive Balaclava “Wide” for kids – Karting Girl (KTK.03)


Model: Karting Girl (KTK.03)
Composition: 100% Polyester
Basic Weight: 160 gram
Size: Universal
Balaclava Size: 42cm x 25cm ±5%

Thermoactive balaclava from Humboo.
Special flat seam inside, seamless at the front.
Sublimation printing - high durability.
product available

Features of Wide Kids’ Thermal Active Balaclava

    • The balaclava is designed with the youngest in mind, utilizing hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers to provide thermal comfort to their bodies. It quickly removes moisture from the skin’s surface on warmer days, while on cooler days, it prevents heat loss. The special structure of the outer layer ensures fast drying of the balaclava, eliminating the problem of material sticking to the delicate skin of the child. This makes it perfect as a balaclava under a helmet.
    • The use of specialized flat seams, excellent in high-quality sportswear for children, significantly improves the comfort of using the thermal active balaclava. These seams do not cause abrasions or irritations to the child’s skin.
    • The balaclava is made with sublimation printing, allowing for intense, photorealistic colors. The print is highly resistant to abrasion, and the graphics remain imperceptible on the material’s surface, while retaining the thermal properties of the balaclava.
    • The Wide Kids Thermal Active Balaclava is available in one universal size, fitting both boys and girls heads.
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