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Model: Winter story (SKF.05)
Composition: 100% polyester
Weight: 125 g (scarf), 230 g (fleece)
Scarf Size: 21 cm x 75 cm
Size: universal
2 types of packaging: cardboard or foil (flow-pack)

Perfect for:
✓ skiing / snowboarding
✓ motorcycle / bike ride
✓ walking / trekking
✓ many more…
product available

More patterns:

balaclava4u humboo

Multifunctional neck warmer scarf –
an interesting alternative for common scarves and bandanas.

Multifunctional neck warmer/chimney/bandana/scarf with fleece has many different names.
It is an extremely useful part of clothing during outdoor activity.
Elastic fabric does not irritate the skin, and many ways to wear make it suitable for different situations.
An additional layer of fleece provides thermal comfort on cold days.
The neck warmer has an imprint made with the sublimation method.
It is characterized by intense colours and high resistance to spreading and UV rays.

multifunctional scarf seamless bandana head scarf face mask bandana buff scarf humboo balaclava4u

Material that makes sensation.

Very soft-touch fabric, that stretches in four directions.
The neck warmer returns to the original shape, despite frequent putting on and washing.
It is extra soft which makes it dries very quickly and does not require ironing.
The top advantage of the fleece is excellent protection against cold
In the whole design, only the knitted part has a seam.
The entirety is comfortable, does not irritate the skin and provides the comfort of use.

How to wear multifunctional neck warmer?

The functionality of the head warmer allows for various applications and protects individual parts of the body
against bad weather conditions.  The bandana can be worn in 12 different ways like:
hat or beanie, a headband, a neck chimney, a balaclava or a hairband.
Arms and neck are more exposed to chill and wind during cold days.
You can protect them as well as ears, cheeks and whole head, depending on the way you use it.
The illustration below shows examples of how to use a head warmer.


scarf bandana how to wear how to use multifunctional scarft seamless bandana head scarf face mask bandana

Who should use neck warmer?

The neck warmer with fleece has universal size, fits for both young and older children.
It’s perfectly suited to any hairstyle and hair type. Ideal for autumn jogging, cycling,
every mountain activity and walks during cold days.
It will also work as a piece of obligatory equipment in winter sports clothing set.
Use it anywhere you want to protect yourself from the effects of low temperatures.
Apply so that you always look sporty and feel comfortable while walking in the park or on a bike.
You can choose between many multicoloured patterns.

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