Humboo Accessories - Colorful Balaclavas, Neck Warmers and Bags
HUMBOO ACCESSORIES – it’s primarily bags with an idea and fantasy. Bold patterns and colors – We like it! Our design department puts a lot of heart into making each bag have a unique design. We can guarantee that using our bags, you will attract the eyes of others. Click below and check what bag pattern fits you.


The hallmark of our company are strong designs and colors.
For boredom and monotony we say a firm no!
A bag that looks like a canvas painting? Sweet animals? Inscriptions motivating ?
You will find all this and much more in our offer.


Production quality

We know very well that a good bag has to be durable, that's why all our bags have specially reinforced seams.
Strengthening includes both the handles of the bag and its sides.

All our Bags are produced in our factory sewing shop in POLAND.
With special attention to the strength of the seams.
Thanks to this, you can be sure that this bag will serve you several seasons.


Individual prints

You like our bags, but you have an idea for your own print?
We carry out such orders, and the minimum order is already a dozen pieces.

Write to us and find out what price and time we can offer you!


Recycling and Ecology

Do you know that polyester is recycled?
Polyester fibers can easily be melted and reused.
Such re-use of already produced fibers is very ecological.
In this way, we contribute to the gradual cleansing of the earth from littering dumps.

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