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Balaclava4u brand of balaclavas, that is well known to all karting enthusiasts.
We are constantly supplying over 300 karting tracks in 29 countries of Europe and the World. The trust our customers place in us obliges us to continue working. In our company, the customer is always in the first place.

HUMBOO – the brand that is known from the colorful thermoactive balaclavas. All winter sports enthusiast in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia love SNOW & SNOW KIDS balaclavas. You can find us everywhere: on the ski slopes, in sports shops and karting tracks.

The beginning of the company- 2014

Rafał Ołtuszyk founded the small family company in June 2014. He produced balaclavas for the needs of his own karting track. The balaclava is one of the most needed accessories on the track. At that time the purchase of the balaclavas in Poland was difficult. There were problems with placing orders with foreign suppliers, extended delivery time, high shipping costs and large number of other organizational problems. Rafał Ołtuszyk came up with the idea of ​​starting own production of balaclavas. Therefore he could also start the distribution on the Polish karting tracks.


Opening the company to foreign markets

In 2016, after building a network of permanent domestic customers, accounting for about 90% of all Polish karting tracks, Balaclava4u went with its offer to foreign markets. The Polish brand in a relatively short time replicated the national success in neighboring countries - the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania. In the following years she was also one of the most frequently chosen suppliers of cotton balaclavas for karting tracks in Germany, UK. Britain, Latvia and Hungary. The dynamic growth of the network of karting customers was accompanied by the opening of Balaclava4u to other industries and the pioneering introduction of individual prints on balaclavas. Own logo on the balaclava is the cheapest and most effective form of advertising in the card-rental industry.


Introduction of thermoactive balaclavas to the offer - 2017

The year 2017 was a breakthrough in the brand's activity. We have introduced to the offer a new product line - thermoactive balaclavas with colorful prints, which later became the foundation of the new sister brand HUMBOO. Original designer designs, strong colors and high quality of workmanship determined the success of the product and the need to constantly expand the offer with the next types of products dedicated to the winter and outdoor sports industries.


Creation of the HUMBOO brand - 2018

HUMBOO was created after the success of thermoactive balaclavas sold under the Balaclava4u brand.
The main idea and motto for the new brand was passion for prints and color.
All the products produced by HUMBOO were primarily to be distinguished by design and design.

In 2018, after many months of preparation, polyester printed bags were put on sale.
The production of such bags in Poland was a novelty on the Polish market. Until now, such bags have been imported into our country mainly from Asian markets, and then decorated with an imprint on the site.

We have organized and divided the product offer into two brands:
Balaclava4u - cotton balaclavas & printing on cotton balaclavas
HUMBOO - goods with sublimation printing, with two main product lines:

HUMBOO Active - accessories related to active leisure

HUMBOO Accessories - a line of polyester bags


Year 2019

The company in 2019, after 6 years of operation, can boast of high sales as well as corresponding production needs. Each product sold by the company comes from its own sewing plant, which is systematically developed and modernized throughout the company's entire life.
At the moment, the production facilities include:
production hall with an area of ​​over 300m2,
warehouse with an area of ​​100m2,
sublimation printer with an area of ​​50m2 and screen printing house with the same area

The machine park was largely designed and manufactured especially for the needs of the plant. The equipment includes, among others, an automatic lagging machine, sewing machines, an automatic balaclava folding machine, the most modern Transmatic calander on the market.
The plant employs 30 people, forming 6 main departments: sewing room, warehouse, printing house, design and development department, sales department and customer service department.


Customers about us

  • Dariusz Krupa
    Tor Poznań Track Day

    Unbelievable availability and excellent time to implement personalized projects. For a moment, we thought that our balaclavas was on stock, but it was the merit of the organization of work. It is fantastic to have such a business partner. A company worth recommending.

    Excellent product quality and competitive price make us return once again with the order. Very nice and helpful staff give pleasure in cooperation. Keep it up - you're the BEST! :)

  • Maciej Kornas
    Gokart Track Redzikowo

    High quality, low prices, fast production speed and express shipping time, that are things that are in vain to find in other companies. Here it is the company's 4 pillars and its hallmark. I have some suspicions that they have a plant somewhere behind the fence, because I still can not believe that you can produce a large order so quickly and deliver it the next day :)

  • Mantas Krivickas
    Kartlandas Vilnius

    Service in the store is very nice. Several times I called with questions about products - always a competent and nice person, answered all my questions. The shipment of goods took place as soon as I deposited the money. Goods as described. Courier shipment also without complaint. The packages arrived without any damage.

Our clients from around the world
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